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Learn how to be a Hypnotist

This comprehensive 100+ hours course is designed to give students a hands on approach of hypnosis. Students will be trained various induction techniques and be able to produce a hypnotic state. Once this is achieved they will be shown how to use this state to create effective change in their client.

Next Hypnosis Certification Course | 2022 - October 15,16,17 - 22,23,24 - 29,30,31

Course Chapters

Specific Chapters in this Course will include:

The following is an overview of the content the course covers:

  • How to hypnotize
  • Self hypnosis
  • The history of hypnosis and the profession
  • Key to success in hypnosis
  • Laws of suggestion
  • Factors that influence suggestibility to hypnosis
  • Suggestibility tests
  • Rapid induction techniques
  • Practical hints for hypnotic induction
  • Deepening techniques
  • Recognition of the depth of the hypnotic state
  • Dehypnotization
  • Authoritarian and permissive induction techniques
  • The role of the certified hypnotist
  • How to properly explain hypnosis to clients
  • Preinduction talk
  • How to establish rapport
  • Hypnosis for smoking cessation
  • Hypnosis for weight loss
  • Hypnosis for stress reduction
  • Hypnosis for motivation
  • Hypnosis for pain reduction
  • How to set up your hypnosis practice and build your client base
  • Precautions in the use of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic regression
  • Various advanced techniques
  • And so much more!

Learn How to Hypnotize, Control your Free your Mind! Register and Discover the Power of Hypnosis.

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